Going Fully In Person

Juliet Slater and Avalon Beltran

We’re going back to school! There are lots of opinions about that topic and different ways they can be handled. Starting April 12th the students at Flagstaff have some options to either; go four days a week in person, go two days a week in a hybrid environment, or to stay fully online five days a week. However, the St. Vrain Valley District is going fully in-person right after spring break. 


Parents for Remote Learning:

At the board meeting there was one comment in support of continuing remote learning. The parent said that they wanted to give their opinion because he had seen the article in the Daily Camera/Times Call, and he said he anticipated several comments from parents pushing for more in person and he supported continued remote learning. 


Parents Against Remote Learning: 

Many parents are against the hybrid schedule and would love for their children to go in person. This would help parents work during the day without having to worry about their children being home alone. There was an article in the Times Call that featured several parents disappointed in the lack of urgency. Many parents are comparing Flagstaff Academy to Twin Peaks because they are both charter schools however Twin Peaks has been fully in-person all year. Flagstaff Academy has 12 teachers claiming ADA accommodations when many other schools including Twin Peaks have 0 teachers claiming ADA accommodations.


Here is some information from the board meeting:

There are 12 teachers who are claiming an ADA “accommodation” for return to work in person. The teachers are expected to return after they have been vaccinated and had the 2 week period afterwards. That date is April 12, that we would return to in 4 days in person. The teachers claiming ADA accommodations are protected under the law and there is nothing that the school can do about it. Only 90% of Flagstaff teachers have opted to get vaccinated.  As long as teachers are protected, and they are refusing to return in person, then we are in a 2 day hybrid situation.


Fully in Person Interviews: 

 Wayne Granger was interviewed about his thoughts on the systems and these are some of the answers we got:  

Q.What’s it gonna be like with some kids fully in person and some hybrid?

Mr. Granger: It is very challenging for teachers because it is hard giving attention to both online and in-person students, however having more kids in-person will help you learn more and better. Many students will feel better.

Q. By when do you aim to have everyone be in school 5 days a week?

Mr. Granger: We plan on being in-person 5 days a week next school year, but that’s not our decision but Boulder County public health’s decision. They will be making most of the decisions. The reason why we had a synchronous day on Friday is because it gives teachers more time to plan.

Q. Will all the teachers be in school on April 12th?

Mr. Granger: Most teachers will be in school on April 12th however there are still a few teachers that can’t be at the school because of their private circumstances. The vast majority of teachers will be back. Some teachers in elementary are teaching remotely because we need a teacher in each grade level for kids learning online.

Q. Will there be free seating, moving around halls, lockers, electives?

Mr. Granger: Nope, so everything that we have been doing will continue including cohorts. We are doing this because it splits everyone up. This is important because it reduces the number of people going on quarantine if someone gets sick. For example, only 9 students have to go home instead of the whole middle school. We will still be using safety practices in the fall. We are doing this because covid is not going away but hopefully we can make it manageable.

Q.There was an email sent about some electives going synchronous. Do you know what this will look like and what classes will be going synchronous?

Mr. Granger: We are not sure what this is going to look like yet, however we are going to continue to work on it.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say on the topic?

Mr. Granger: I do a meeting every wednesday about boulder county health which will keep the parents and students of Flagstaff updated on what we are doing. We have only had 6 cases in the school and all those cases have come from home. We need everyone to work together to continue to keep this number small. I know that learning from home stinks but everyone has been doing their part which has kept flagstaff academy so safe. Thank you guys so much for everything you have been doing. I get that you want to see your friends but you guys have learned sacrifice and empathy throughout all of this. If everyone did not cooperate we would not be able to go in-person 4 days a week. Thank you for all doing your part!