March Monthly Debate

Avalon Beltran and Juliet Slater

Debate: Indoor Activities or Outdoor Activities

Reese: I like indoor activities because even if it is bad outside you can still have fun inside. You can do puzzles, and a lot of board games that you can’t do outside because of weather hazards. If you are playing a game with cards outside and a sudden gust of wind comes, you might lose a bunch of cards, and the game would be ruined. Indoors, you are less likely to lose parts or pieces to the game. Also indoors, you can regulate the temperature with AC and heat to make sure that you are at a comfortable temperature. That is why I like indoor activities better than outdoor activities.

Avy: I think that with the right weather outdoor activities are the best thing to do. There is nice fresh air that just makes me smile and all the activities outside are great such as biking, sports, browsing stores, eating ice cream, or just lying in the sun. All of these activities you can also do with friends and family making all the more fun. Outside there are endless activities and places to go and do making the fun never stop. If you live in a town or a place with stores and shops around it’s awesome to play and then come home for food and drinks. There are lots of reasons being outside is great and that’s why I love outdoor activities.