Next Great Read: A Tale of Magic


Katelin VonFeldt and Juliet Slater

 A Tale of Magic starts off in a world where reading books and doing magic is forbidden for women. Until one day a young girl Bristle Evergreen stumbles across an opportunity to secretly work at the library. After a couple days off sneaking reading books Bristle finds out a world beyond her imagination and that she is capable of magic. Once she was caught doing magic she was sent to the miserable Bootstrap Correctional Facility. She was luckily saved by mysterious Madame Weatherberry who was a fairy much like herself. Madame Weatherberry then explained her mission with trying to gain acceptance in the world and bristle evergreen was taken to a magnificent castle with the students in her class. But life in the castle was not as easy as she had expected. As a crack in her bedroom she discovered the unheard of as she was listening to Madame Weatherberrys conversations. At that moment Bristle Evergreen’s life had changed forever as the word she couldn’t have unheard. Adventure comes with a price, however, and when Madame Weatherberry is called away to attend to an important problem, she doesn’t return. But do Brystal and her classmates have what it takes to stop a sinister plot that risks the fate of the world, and magic forever?