Holiday Timeline

Avalon Beltran, Reporter

As we all come up onto the holidays it’s nice to stay organized and neat so you get everything done without rushing.

Here are some timelines for the holidays to help you…


Christmas: December 24th to 25th

Dec 15: Think about the gifts you’ll get

Dec 16: Gather your food, drinks, and decorations

Dec 17: Get gifts or order them

Dec 18: Hang decorations, stockings, lights, tree

Dec 19: Wrap gifts and prepare food

Dec 20 : Find entertainment, you can do christmas movies, or games

Dec 21: Get in the spirit, help someone less fortunate, or go carling to bring others joy

Dec 22: Stay in the spirit so Christmas will be even more fun.


Las Posadas: December 16th to December 24th

Dec 15: Get materials, lanterns, evergreens, pinata, food 

Dec 16: Prepare food, food includes tamales, buñuelos, atole and café de olla

Dec 17: Get in the spirit, sing carols, break the pinata, celebrate


Kwanzaa: December 26th to January 1st

Dec 20: Gather celebrating materials, candles, and libations, also think about the gifts your going to get and order them if needed

Dec 21: Gather your performance materials, drums, attire

Dec 22: Gather food

Dec 23: prepare food

Dec 24: Get gifts

Dec 25: If you celebrate Christmas relax for that

Dec: 26 You should be all ready to celebrate with your family

Hanukkah: December 10th-16th  

Dec 14: Feast, food include potato pancakes, donuts, other fare

Dec 15: Stay in the spirit, Carol give to others, play games

Dec 16: Relax with family and stay jolly

Dec 17: Repeat to stay in the spirit