The Effects of Thanksgiving

Catherine Omer, Reporter

While Thanksgiving was a moment of peace for many people; it did not help the rising Covid cases. Most people stayed home and celebrated in small gatherings, but not all. Many traveled and ignored the safety precautions. An airport reported screening around a million passengers which is a rare milestone for them during a pandemic. Scientists are starting to see the effects from Thanksgiving through a Covid spike. The week of Thanksgiving had around a 12% Covid hospitalization rise. Scientists just now are seeing the spike in cases because the virus doesn’t develop in the human body for a week or two. Hospitalizations usually increase in two to three weeks and the bad outcomes increase in four to six weeks. This means we are far from the Covid cases lowering because the Thanksgiving spike still isn’t fully visible. To make it worse, another busy holiday – Christmas is coming up. This holiday is another busy travel day and shopping day. Shopping and traveling are among the two easiest ways to contract the virus.