Monthly Debate

Avalon Beltran and Reese Watson

 Debate: Hot chocolate vs Tea


Avy- I think that hot chocolate is much better on wintery days, you can put spices and marshmallows and all different things to make it the way you like. If you have a thermos you can bring it sledding or skiing. It doesn’t use any bag or extra step, you can also get a steamer which is a flavored hot chocolate. They come in a bunch of delicious flavors! 


Reese- I think that tea is better than hot chocolate. For one, there are so many different kinds of tea, so you can find one that you like. Also, you can easily flavor the tea to your liking with a little bit of honey, sugar, or whatever you see fit! You can also buy reusable tea bags and then the tea leaves, so you are saving the environment with the reusable bag, and you can make your own tea bags!