Mira Clayborn and Catherine Omer

Aries (March 21- April 19): It was the first night of holiday break and you were gazing out of the window watching the snow fall silently into the ground. The light from your tree was reflecting back into your eyes. You looked at each one until it landed silently on the ground. One snowflake caught your eye. I seemed to have a tiny person holding onto it. When you looked closer it was clear that it was in fact a person. You threw on your coat and boots and ran outside. You found it on the ground and the tiny person had hopped off and started running around. He told you he was from the ice king’s palace and that he had sent him to spend the night on the ground. He needed a place to stay so you made him a tiny igloo to sleep in!


Taurus (April 20- May 20): It was the last day of school before holiday break. Everyone was counting the minutes until school was out. At lunch time snow started falling fast. It accumulated over the next few hours to about five inches. When school was out you could hardly see. There was so much snow on the ground you could barely lift your feet up. Both of your parents were at work so you and your best friends had to walk home in the blizzard. You ran, jumped, and played in the snow the whole way home. What a perfect way to start holiday break!


Gemini (May 21- June 20): You were hanging out with your friends and you were all very bored. You discussed possible ideas of what to do when you thought of going out and carolling. You all got dressed in the warmest clothes you had and headed to town. When you got there many people were milling around holiday shopping. Your friends started off singing jingle bells and then moved on to many other classics. The singing brought smiles to everyone’s faces and it warmed your insides up! Singing puts you all in the holiday spirit and full of joy.


Cancer (June 21- July 22): You were on a walk in the snow. You looked down because there was some ice on the corner of the street. When you looked up you had been transported into a winter wonderland! There were little cottages with snowy roofs and smoke coming out of the chimney. Snow was drifting silently down from the sky causing the world to be completely hushed and still. The pine trees were dusted with snow and lights were strung across the street. The air smelled of peppermint and hot coco. Everything was peaceful and still! 


Leo (July 23- August 22): One night you were sitting in your living room with a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace. You were watching the flames flicker around. You blink once because you thought you saw a black boot in the fire. You look out of the corner of your eye and this time you definitely see two black boots standing in the fire. You look up and see red pants with white ruffles on the seams. He takes a step out of the fireplace and straightens up. His nose is red and his cheeks are rosy. He has a plump belly and a brown sack slung over his shoulder. He chuckles when he sees you and wishes you a Merry Christmas.


Virgo (August 23- September 22): Your friends asked you to go ice skating on the lake. You agreed although you were really bad at ice skating. When you got there there were only a few people on the pond but your friends were already there. You laced up your ice skates and stepped onto the ice. You slipped and slipped over to you friends and grabbed them for support. You had only been here once before and had forgotten how pretty it was. The lake was fairly big and over one of the skinner parts there was a red bridge. There were lights strung up on the trees. It was very pretty! You spent all day skating and by the end you weren’t so bad! It was a wonderful winter day!


Libra (September 23- October 22): You wake up to find a ton of snow on the ground. All of your siblings are in bed which is odd, but your mom comes in and tells you, you have a snow day! You jump up and down from excitement! It hasn’t even been 10 minutes, but you’re all suited up in your snow gear. You grab your sled and a bottle of warm cider and head outside. When you get outside, you are greeted by a freezing gust of wind. Then you look down the street and see all of your friends running towards you with their sleds. For the rest of the day, you and your friends sled down the hill while making snow angels. 


Scorpio (October 23- November 21): You jolt awake to a loud crash at night. You get to your feet and walk down the corridor. It only seems that you heard the loud noise and nobody else is awake, which is odd. You start to head back to your bedroom when you hear feet rustling. This startles you even more so you grab a baseball bat and head downstairs. Then you hear a weird sound, almost like bells. The noise starts to get louder and louder as you walk towards the living room. You then peek around the corner to see a dark figure with a long white beard and a red hat. You count to three and dash around the corner only to see Santa! You startle him so much that he faints! 


Sagittarius (November 22- December 21): You and your friends are at the mall. Once you leave one of the stores, you see a huge crowd of people gathering around someone. You try to get a closer look to see what all of the disturbance is about. Out of nowhere, big speakers turn on and lights start flashing. Upbeat music comes out of the speaker, corresponding with the lights. You oddly enough recognize it. Then someone starts to sing and a couple of other people join in. You realize your favorite band is hosting a surprise holiday concert! You jump up and down with excitement. At the end, everybody gets free swag bags and two tickets to see the band again in concert at the broadcasted Christmas event! 


Capricorn (December 22- January 19): It’s Christmas Eve and you are preparing everything for Santa! You baked some sugar cookies earlier, so you set them out along with a big glass of milk. You then write a note to him and put some carrots out for the reindeer. A little later you climb into your Christmas pajamas and go to bed. The next day, you wake up to find all of the cookies and carrots gone along with the milk! There’s another note, but this time it’s from Santa – thanking you for the special treat! You then look under the Christmas tree to see he left you a special present! It starts to move which startles you, but you take the lid off. Inside, there’s a puppy!


Aquarius (January 20- February 18): You invite your friends over to bake gingerbread cookies. Everybody is having a fun time and you all sing along to Holiday music. The timer goes off and you take the gingerbread out of the oven. You then start to frost them. Out of the corner of your eye, a gingerbread wiggles its arm. You’re just hallucinating, but then you swear you see it move again. You turn around to go get your friends. When everybody returns, the gingerbread are walking. They even start dancing. 


Pisces (February 19- March 20): It’s one of those days where snow won’t stop coming down. You look out of your window only to see snow covering all of the roads. Then you hear your doorbell ring, so you run downstairs. You open your door to your friend with a wide grin. Then you see the bucket full of snowballs. You’ve been challenged to a snowball fight! You grab your jacket and hat and run outside throwing snowballs at your friend. After a while, you both collapse into the snow and make snow angels.