The Next Great Read: The Bridge Home


Juliet Slater and Katelin VonFeldt

The Bridge Home is a heartwarming and adventure seeking book that shows the cruelties of life. This book is about two young girls named Rukku and Viji. Rukku and Viji live in Chennai, India with their loving mother and abusive father. Every night their father comes home drunk and angry and always hurts their mother. One night he took it too far, breaking their mothers arm and hurting both Rukku and Viji. The two girls decide to run away from their homes to the big city, only to discover that it is not easy to live on their own. One night when they are trying to find shelter they run into two boys who help them and they all work together to survive. 

If you want to find out what challenges that Rukku, Viji, Muthu, and Arul face this is a must read.