What Will Thanksgiving Look Like and Some Ideas to Celebrate Safely

Catherine Omer, Reporter

Thanksgiving is around the corner, but what will it look like with surging COVID-19 cases? You are always best protected by yourself at home, but Thanksgiving is a holiday for family and friends to gather together. Here are some things to keep in mind when gathering. Airports, public transportation, and gas stations are all common places where you can be easily exposed. Gatherings that last long are more at risk than gatherings that last shorter. The safety of gatherings also depends on your behavior if you have been socially distancing yourself and wearing a mask. All of this rules and regulations might not sound fun, but here are some ideas that can still make Thanksgiving memorable:

  • Hosting a virtual Thanksgiving on Zoom – a great way to eat together safely!
  • Potluck trade – each person can contribute a amount of food to another person (make sure to leave on the doorstep and sanitize to avoid higher risks of COVID-19)
  • Thanksgiving puzzle fun – have a bunch of puzzles for each household and race to find a winner 
  • Small gatherings – best to gather in a group no less than ten and enjoy a meal together (social distancing and hand sanitizer heavily recommended)
  • Drive-by parade – decorate your cars with things related to Thanksgiving and go surprise the other related households!
  • Zoom cooking – find a recipe and cook together with your friends and family, then enjoy