Halloween Update


Olivia DeRose, Reporter

Halloween is this weekend! As stated in my article a month ago, things are going to look very different for Halloween, but how different, and what changes should you expect?


Several neighborhoods have actually placed a ban on trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean that Halloween can’t be celebrated. According to the CDC, there are many low risk activities that can still make Halloween a fun celebration, even with Covid-19 impacting how it is celebrated. Several of those activities include virtual Halloween costume competitions with friends, horror movie marathons, scavenger hunts for your kids, or outdoor small-group gatherings.


The CDC also states that costume masks do not replace your standard cloth mask. Unless the costume mask is made up of two or more breathable layers of fabric, you should stick with your regular cotton mask. If you are someone who doesn’t like dressing up for Halloween, a Halloween-themed cotton mask is a great compromise. You can get these from sites such as Etsy.


This is the second holiday that we have to compromise due to Covid-19. It is important to remember that we still need to protect each other’s health by social distancing and wearing a mask, even though it’s a holiday.


If you would like to be featured in next month’s article, send pictures to Mrs. Tranke-Green of your Halloween costume!