2nd Presidential Debate

Mark Rokhlenko, Editor In Chief

In the final weeks until election day the race is tight. Though Biden is leading, Trump is eager to gain the upper edge. Kristen Welker was the debate moderator, and did an excellent job at keeping the nominees reigned in. As opposed to the first debate, this one was much more respectful and civilized. The threat of a mute button encouraged the nominees to be more respectful of each other’s time. The topic that dominated the stage was the Coronavirus. Trump claimed that a vaccine will be out shortly, as soon as 3 weeks, though there is no explicit evidence to back this up. Biden focused on Trump’s mistakes during the virus, but Trump stated multiple times about when Biden said that Chinese borders should remain open. In conclusion, the debate was much more civilized, with heavy discussion about the virus, immagration, and the two men’s financial ties to China and Russia.