Interview with Mrs. Gustafson

Olivia DeRose and Mira Capra

Since the school is transitioning to hybrid on October 20th, we decided to interview Mrs. Gustafson about the reopening.


  1. How did the school make the decision to open up for hybrid in October?

“We know that students learn best when they are able to be in the classroom with their wonderful teachers. Our administration team has been watching the local health data, guidance from the Colorado Department of Education and the Boulder County Department of Public Health, as well as other schools in our area who opened up in person at the start of the school year. We have implemented many building improvements, increased cleaning measures, and cohorting protocols to keep students and staff safe amid the pandemic.  We believe that we can keep students safe with a return to the building, while also allowing students and families who are at higher risk to learn virtually at home.”


  1. What extra precautions will teachers be making to ensure the learning environment remains safe but effective?

“Students will wear masks and remain with their cohort of students. There will be more opportunity for hand washing and building sanitation. We will physically distance to the greatest extent possible. Students will not have passing periods, but instead teachers will come to students in their assigned classrooms in both elementary and middle school.  Students will continue to have walking break and recess, with their cohorts.  These are just a few of the precautions Flagstaff is taking!”  


  1. How has the staff managed the challenge of online school?

“I have been so impressed with our teachers during 100% remote learning this fall!  Teachers are showing creativity and rigor, and really working to offer the best possible education for students while they are learning at home. The feedback from parents and students is the same!” 


  1. Are you looking forward to being back in the building?  

“I have been back in the building since early August, but I am very excited to have more students and staff back as well, as the hallways have been TOO quiet!  I’m glad that we are able to put so many safety precautions in place and feel optimistic that we will continue to do great work as we move to the second quarter!”