Unpopular Opinions

Juliet Slater, Reporter

Watching a movie at home is better than watching a movie in theatres. – Susi

Olives are nasty. – Ella

I like doing ab workouts – Reese

I think both ketchup and mustard is gross, and that plain hot dogs are superior. – Mya

I like soggy bread – Unknown

Pickles are gross (unless we’re talking about fried pickles) – Mrs. Michael

I think that eating guinea pigs is a terrible thing, and that watching PG 13 movies and shows on a regular basis is a bad thing. – Ady

I hate pie – Brynn

Spiderman day should not be a day – Skylar

I prefer wood floors over carpet; I like leggings more that sweatpants; I like looking at pictures rather than taking them; I like Ginger Ale more than Sprite; I would rather read a book than watch a movie; I like working out more than running; I like roller derby more than football – Avery

I read the Dragon Spectrum to read news and not just for the prizes. – Nat