What Will Happen to The Supreme Court?

Catherine Omer, Reporter

It is very sad news that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on September 18th, 2020, but it is now time for a new candidate to run for the seat. There are currently eight justices on the court; with the Chief Justice being John G. Roberts Jr. 


How do you Run?

In order to be even considered for a seat; the president must give a recommendation. From there, the Senate votes whether or not they would also be a good candidate. Unlike the president; there is no specific age requirement for a seat. You do not need an education, profession, or citizenship, but this does make it very difficult to be even nominated. 


Who Was Nominated?

President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett as the new replacement for the seat.  She is a federal judge. In order for her to be officially a part of the court, President Trump must file his claim to the Senate for them to vote. He is hoping that the seat will be replaced by Barrett before the November election. If so, Barrett would be the youngest currently on the court. 


Like every political campaign or person, there is still some controversy surrounding the new candidate. She is considered to be an anti-abortionist which goes against some people’s beliefs. If she was to be on the court; she would have a lot more power on the subject.