Quarantine Hacks and How To Survive Online School

Olivia DeRose, Reporter

It has been awhile since we have been in the school building, and we have all mastered online school and how to be productive while at home, but it still can be hard to stay focused and remember to get work done. I have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you manage your time and not go crazy during online school


  • Set reminders: All of us are used to having a very tight schedule, and having our days planned out, but with online school, our schedules may look a little different than they used to. In order to keep online school in check, it is important to make your own schedule, and keep track of your own work. An easy way to do this is to set reminders. You can set reminders for your classes, and even when assignments are due. This can help you stay on a consistent schedule, and be productive.
  • Make your schedule the lock screen on your phone: By doing this, you can easily see your schedule, and know what time your classes are at. If you have a newer apple iPhone, you can make your schedule a widget. You can do this using an app called WidgetSmith. This will make it easy and fun to remember your schedule. I’ve attached mine as an example.
  • Designate a place in your house for school: Working at a desk or a table, even while at home, will help you focus on your work. Whether this is in your room, your kitchen, or a home office, designate a place for all of your school supplies to be during the day. This will help you stay organized and it will motivate you to work hard and do your best.
  • Write in your planner or calendar: Now that all of our work is online, it is really important to keep track of it all. Writing the assignments, their due date, and their due time will help you remember when everything is due so you can turn in work on time.
  • Go outside: Being inside all day is definitely not good for you, so try to go outside during the day during lunch, walking break, or any freetime you may have.
  • Stay positive: Although this one may seem cheesy but it is really important to stay positive. During these times, we don’t know what will happen next, and it is important to have a good attitude about the situation.


I hope some of these were helpful to you, and if you know any more, feel free to share them with your friends.