Creative Writing – A Story by Grace DeRose

Olivia DeRose, Reporter

Before you read this, I would like to clarify that I did not write this, and I do not receive any credit for this. Grace DeRose is the author of this story, but would like to share it with you. Every month a new chapter will be posted. This month it is the Prologue. Enjoy!





A boy runs through a crowded corridor to a large door marked “Control Room.” The door slides open, revealing hundreds of people at long tables working diligently on computers. A giant screen floats in the far middle of the room, with marking and symbols surrounding a map. He runs over to a woman beckoning at him.

“When did it begin?” He asks. His voice is slightly shaking.

“Yesterday,” the woman responds. “It suddenly sent out a radio signal to A1, the emergency channel.” She takes a deep breath. “The tracker shows that it’s in cell 85.”

The boy steadies himself. “Is it-”

“No, sir. The voice sounded female.”

At saying this, the computer in front of the woman flashes on, a chart showing radio signals moving up and down. Static sounds emit from the large device.

“Give me the headset!” The boy shouts.

The woman passes a small set of headphones to him. He grabs it swiftly and adjusts it onto his head. Just as he does it, a frantic voice pierced through the static.