Quarantine Craft

Quarantine Craft

Avalon Beltran, Reporter

How to make a tissue paper pumpkin:


Gather materials: The materials needed for this craft are one piece of cardstock paper, the pumpkin template, orange tissue paper, some form of glue, and markers. 



  1. First print out the template. 
  2. Rip your tissue paper into inch size pieces.
  3. Then apply a thin layer of glue over inches of the template. 
  4. Stick a small pencil eraser in the middle of a piece of tissue paper to create volume in the paper.
  5. Repeat steps three and four till the whole pumpkin is covered.
  6. Cut a small stem and color it brown.
  7. Cut a piece of paper to form a leaf and color it green.
  8. Then connect both the stem and leaf to the pupkin with glue and let everything dry.
  9. Enjoy.