What Will Happen to Halloween?


Olivia DeRose, Reporter

With October approaching, one big question related to holidays comes to mind. What will happen to Halloween? Halloween is a time for people of all ages to dress up in costumes, and potentially, go trick-or-treating. But this year, would trick-or-treating even be a safe event? Thousands of people going door to door and taking candy from the residents who live there could potentially spread the virus due to contact and lack of social distancing. But does this mean trick-or-treating cannot happen at all? Not necessarily.


There are several ways that Halloween can still happen. The first option, and the most safe option is kids can still dress up for the holiday, but unfortunately, trick-or-treating would be unable to happen. Nobody wants this to happen, but this is the safest way to still enjoy the holiday without the risk of spreading Coronavirus. Another option would be to trick-or-treat wearing masks along with your costumes, but instead of going to the door to get candy, a bowl of candy could be placed outside of the door for kids to grab candy at each house. This option means that trick-or-treating would not have to be sacrificed, and it would be much safer than traditional trick-or-treating. Neighborhoods can also do something to make trick-or-treating safer this year. Neighborhoods have the power to regulate who is trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, which means they can limit outdoor visitors to keep trick-or-treating private to their neighborhood, allowing fewer people to be trick-or-treating, making social distancing easier to follow.


It is still too early to tell what will happen to Halloween, but in the end, safety is the top priority, even for a holiday.