Next Great Read: A Good Kind of Trouble


Juliet Slater and Katelin VonFeldt

The book A Good Kind of Trouble is an amazing book about standing up for yourself and growing up. This book is about a twelve year old girl named Shayla who is afraid of getting in trouble. Shayla has always gotten good grades and always follows the rules. In elementary school everything was perfect, her friendships were thriving, and she managed never to get in trouble. This all started to change once Shayla starts Junior high. Shaylas friendships are falling apart and something happens in her community that makes her more aware of the world. When an unfair verdict comes through, Shayla starts to go to protests and realizes that certain rules are ok to break. Her sister gives her an armband to wear in honor of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The principal at her school starts getting angry and bans the armbands. Will Shayla listen to the principal and stop wearing her armband, or will she risk getting in trouble to stand up for what is right? This book is definitely a must read for all ages.