Creative Writing Chapter 9

Creative Writing Chapter 9


“We should go…” Norah began.


“To Ella Enchanted!” Charlie shouted. 


“Huh, sounds interesting. Let’s go!” Macey said. 


“ELLA ENCHANTED!!!” Charlie shouted. The closet spun and spun and spun and… stopped. Charlie stepped out of the closet and took a look around the world they were in. 


“OH!!!! THAT LADY OVER THERE IS SO PRETTY! IMMA GO SAY HI!” Macey ran over to a young lady wearing a pink dress and began talking to her.


“Macy no! That’s Lucinda! The evil witch!” 


Lucinda raised her wand, and looked like she was beginning to chant something. Charlie ran over and snatched Macey away, yelling a curse at Lucinda.


“Please now expel this tension, send the witch to another dimension!” Charlie shouted. 


“Bippity Boppity Boof! The fairy went poof!” Macey squealed, as Lucinda disappeared. 


“Charlie! You just made Lucinda disappear! Now Ella can’t strap herself to a tree and wait for her to come! What the heck are we gonna do?!”


“What?” Macey said bluntly. 


“Ooh, right. You don’t know about this story…” Norah groaned, “Well, Lucinda cursed Ella to be obedient. She can’t say no!”


“And what is wrong with that?” Macey said. 


“Well someone might try to take advantage of her and force her to do something bad!” Charlie intervened. 


“Oh…” Macey said, “Well that’s really mean!”


“Yes. Apparently Charlie thought that she was going to curse you too, so he made her disappear!” Norah tilted her head and glared at Charlie.


“What? It was a perfectly reasonable response! Macey should live a long life!” Charlie said in defense. 


“Well now we need to fix your problem!”


“WHY? It’s not like she was going to help Ella in ANY way! Just let her disappear!” Charlie yelled exasperated. 


“It completely ruins the plot of the story! Now when she goes to the tree, Lucinda will never come, and she can never overcome it herself! Just like, say another curse to get her back.” 


Charlie tapped his two index fingers together and made an innocent face, “Yeah, so, um, actually-”


“It’s the only curse you know, isn’t it?” Norah gave him a disapproving look. 


“Welllll…. Yeah.” 


“Can you like… here! Give me the wand.” Norah extended her hand. 


Charlie handed the wand over with a reluctant sigh. 


“Thank you. Mmmkay, now let me just like… examine this.” She paused, looking over the wand intently, inspecting every inch. “Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! I found a thingy!” She squealed in delight. 


“Define thingy.” Charlie furrowed his eyebrows.


“There’s like this square on it, and it says, to undo a spell, say this. We messed up, mistakes were made, undo the spell and save the day,” Norah recited. 


Suddenly, Lucinda poofed into existence, startling the three. “Oh!” her eyes were wide. “W-what happened?” A confused look crossed her face. 


“Oh, um….yeah, so…. We kinda… um…” Norah began.


“We made you go poof, and then we un-poofed you. And apparently you need to go and untie this girl named Ella from a tree and refuse to take back her obedience and tell her to do it herself. So go. Now, you ol’ witch!” Macey said sternly.


“O-oh of course dear! N-no problem…” Lucinda replied. 


“Ha! Now look who’s being obedient,” Charlie fistbumped the air.


“Great work Macey!” Norah said, “But don’t you think it would be better if she removed the obedience? It would make everything so much easier…” 


“Well, yeah, I thought about that, but the story already resolved itself, so I think that if we don’t interfere too much, and make sure everything goes to plan! Charlie just messed it up.” Macey side eyed Charlie, “But we fixed it now! From now on, let’s just read our favorite books instead of living them. It’s too scary!” Macey said. 


“You? Scared?” Charlie teased. 


“Yep, I guess so. Anyways, I’m ready to go home. I miss the beds. Ahhh. Sleep.” Macey said with a grin. 


“Once in a while, we can still come in here and watch from the sidelines though, just for fun!” Norah laughed. 


“Yes! That sounds great! But let’s go now. I’m tired.” Macey yawned. 


“Sounds like a plan, stan.”


They made their way back to the closet. They walked through forests and crossed bridges through the magical land. By the time they got back, Charlie had a very asleep Macey on his back in a piggy-back ride position. They stepped up into the closet and were whooshed away back home.